Desert Balloon good scenery

January 14th, 2014

Namibia open-air tour of the most beautiful ancient African desert , the Namib air travel starts itself . Namibia Sky tour you can in the oldest and most spectacular in the world to climb desert . The balloon is very large and can accommodate up to 16 visitors. If you take a hot air balloon , and the fresh air and the incomparable African continent , while to really kind of wild animals held in the African desert …… With the balloon , you feel like the sun is shining and the sunrise together growth red glow red sun in the Kalahari Desert , and the West is not the desert sun , cold sand dunes. After a few hours of air travel , as you seem to feel something more to say , but leaving behind only the aftertaste.

Balloon: The balloon ride for first time visitors , it will be a little dizzy feeling. However, if you are flying in the sky, they do not help, but I feel like explorers hundreds of years ago , in general , it may be a new discovery.

Rising Sun : Namib always a hot air balloon rises and the sun together, which can be enthusiastic visitors . Of course, to be considered in a balloon launch date weather, soil conditions and the time the sun rises .

Kalahari Desert Miracle: With the sun in the desert dunes in turn shows red, orange, yellow, etc. So that , one day , to see the different desert landscape . Broad Vision: the balloon is very large and can accommodate up to 16 visitors space , so you do not have to worry about someone bother elegant.

African Wildlife observation : If you are interested in African wildlife , you can sledovatmestnom dormitory community , very good condition Location morning to see him.

European Capital of pastoral flavor Brussels

January 10th, 2014

Elevator Brussels , I know a lot of people that onistolitsa Europe “in the world, but only if the people standing on this piece of land on , ” really believe that Brussels was very pastoral atmosphere of the city. Today we bring you a taste of what is known as the most beautiful cities in Europe , Brussels.

It’s hard to find a city like Brussels, as a rule, a very cosmopolitan city , it is so cozy and comfortable. What should benefit from their medieval culture. Among the most prominent is the extravagant baroque. But as the birthplace of Art Nouveau in Brussels are also many buildings in the Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta designed the building is one of the characteristics of the city .

Brussels was the 6th century BC built. 979 years in Tallinn Luo Jiya Charlie Duke in the construction of the fortress and the port, called ” Blue Ake Jose pull” , which means ” swamp on the place of residence ” , Brussels, hence its name . From the 16th Century, Spain, Austria, France and the Netherlands was professional . November 1830 Belgium declared its independence , its capital, Brussels.

Brussels slightly pentagonal , many historic sites , is Europe’s leading travel . The city is divided into Upper Town and Lower Town . Depending on sklonegoroda built as Canton , the main attractions in the style of Louis XVI palace to be built , Royal Plaza, Egmont Palace, the National Palace ( House and Senate ) , the Royal Library, the contemporary museum of ancient art.

Banks , insurance companies and some well-known commercial and industrial businesses are located here. Lower Town is the financial district, where rows of shops, lively . At the heart of “Grand Place” is a lot of medieval Gothicc , of which the most spectacular town hall. Also nearby are Museum of History , Marx once swans cafes and birthplace of the revolution in 1830 the street theater . Brussels logo , the famous ” first citizen of Brussels, ” the child to urinate in connection with the statue here.

In the vicinity of Brussels, close to the palace , there is a group of atomic structure shaped building called the Atomium, also known as the Atomic Museum . 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels , willows commemorate the building . There are nine balls , each ball with a diameter of 18 meters , the highest point 102 meters away from the ball , the ball and the ball between the pipes connected, part of the tube is also equipped with escalators for the visitors up and down.

Atomium landscape lighting system consists of 2,970 lights, in 2006, renovated after the lights every evening in Brussels , is the main attraction of the night. In order to save power , reduce overhead Brussels Atomium September 7, 2010 Armistice Day landscape lighting . From now on only the important festival of lights.

First in the world of Dubai

January 6th, 2014

The Dubai people love to compete first in the world. They are miraculously soft desert and constructing the world’s tallest building – the 828-meter Burj Khalifa; afar, like a sharp silver sword piercing the blue sky. An amazing imagination, they built-in the sea of world’s largest artificial islands – Palm Island; entire island shaped like a palm trees nestled in the sea, wasted no time in telling the charming fairy tale of the Arab. Dubai people are good at business. They not only had built the world’s largest shopping center DubaiMa11, or even the airport a 24-hour duty-free shops, the scale of the world’s largest. Dubai is ambitious to say to the world: to see the world, to Dubai!

Dubai is very little rainfall, but this is the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, is seen everywhere in the green river flowing leisurely; addition to the Dubai Creek, more numerous canals. In fact, most of the water of the river are sea water instead of fresh water; but that is not important. The important is the Dubai desert crowd fascination with water into real action, create water in the dry desert.

In an elegant canal-side, I see a distorted skyscrapers to 90 degrees; like a dancer in the canal-side rotation dance. Such a wonderful building, even in Europe likes the maverick rare. Stroll by the river, tall buildings and building dream alone, as much of a living in a heavenly feeling.

Seven Star Burj Al Arab Hotel, in addition to the experience of luxury, but also watches a lot of financial Arab art and modern art for the wonderful work of one of the architectural decoration. A huge golden conch stands behind the counter in the lobby on both sides. That circle of thread, makes you think of the waves of the sea and melodious shell trumpet, reminiscent of the myths to come out from the Conch. On the roof of the lobby, there is a huge golden water droplets, twinkling, as if about to fall, if it implies that the dreams and attachment of the desert for water? I heard all the gold in the hotel, are made of real gold. But in my eyes, this is not just a luxury. When luxury leaned in art. Art to luxury to soul and taste. So luxury itself, became artistic embellishment, rich artistic charm.